Welcome to my homepage

I am an Associate Professor in Experimental and Cognitive Psychology at the division of Experimental Psychology (Psychologische Functieleer), of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences and the Helmholtz Institute, Utrecht University, in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I am interested mainly in unraveling perceptual and cognitive processes, and currently teach in the Psychology curriculum.

After finishing my MSc in Biology at Utrecht University and a two year absence from academia I started my 4 year PhD project on Human Motion Psychophysics in Utrecht. I subsequently moved to the Vision Center Laboratory of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, CA for a postdoctoral project on Surface Segmentation Mechanisms in area V1, while keeping a keen interest in motion vision as well. In 2002 I returned to Utrecht University to start on a project on multi-modal perception. I started teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels at the same time.

My research interests have since then broadened considerably. My current interest lies in unraveling the mechanisms underlying uni- and multi-modal perception and its influence on higher cognitive processes, in the healthy population as well as in several developmental and acquired clinical conditions. To this end I mainly use behavioral and electrophysiological methods.

Browse these pages for more information on my research and teaching. The demos pages include mainly motion demos related to my research and some that I have created for teaching purposes. You can also download a concise CV (coming soon), or have a look at my profile at LinkedIn. On Neurotree you can have a look at my 'scientific forefathers' (and offspring).