Demo Pages

Below a number of demos can be found, related to my research (mainly on motion vision) or made for educational purposes.

  • LSNR Demo
    An illustration of the Luminance Signal-to-Noise Ratio Method for determining motion detection thresholds with Random-Pixel-Arrays.

  • Simple Second-Order Motion Demos
    This page demonstrates the similarity between simple first-order stimuli (e.g. a moving column of random-pixels) and similar 2nd-order motion stimuli.

  • More Second-Order Motion Demos
    This is a more elaborate collection of often used second-order motion stimuli.

  • Depth-Order - Motion interaction Demos
    This page demonstrates the effect of depth-order information on the perceivd direction of an ambiguous motion stimulus (red-green anaglyph glasses required).

  • Optic Flow Demos
    This page shows three different types of expanding/contracting optic flow stimuli, each with a different speed profile that results in differentially perceived rigidity and induced sense of self-motion.

  • (Transparent) Motion Aftereffect Demos
    This page shows the MAE after adaptation to transparent bi-vectorial motion, using static, dynamic or combined static-dynamic test patterns, which demontrates the independence of at least two motion channels, tuned to either higher or lower speeds.

  • Change Blindness Demos
    A few examples of change-blindness inducing movies made for education purposes from a picture-set that was used for research.