I coordinate the teaching activities of the Experimental Psychology division of Utrecht University. The Experimental Psychology division is involved in the Bachelor Psychology as well as the Bachelor Cognitive Artificial Intelligence of Utrecht University. In addition we provide the Cognitive Neuroscience track at the Utrecht University College. We provide a Neuropsychology Master programme, an Applied Cognitive Psychology Master programme and tracks in the Research Masters Neuroscience & Cognition (Cognitive Neuroscience) and Artificial Intelligence (Cognitive Processing). Our PhD programme (Cognition & Behaviour) is currently part of the Graduate School of Social and Behavioural Sciences.

Teaching Fellow 2015-2017

During 2015-2017 I am Teaching Fellow for Utrecht University, with a project that aims to create a number of international minor programmes centred around specific topics, for the faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. These minor programmes (30 EC) will be condensed into semesters in order to make them especially attractive for visiting students that are interested in the specific topic. Some of these minor programmes will probably start in 2016-2017, others in 2017-2018. If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to contact me.

Present Courses

I currently teach in the Psychology Bachelor curriculum:

  • Hersenen en Cognitie (Brain and Cognition 100 level; in Dutch)
  • Psychologie als Wetenschap (Psychology as a Science 200 level; in Dutch)
  • Methods and Statistics (300 level practical for Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology tracks; in Dutch)
  • Sensation and Perception (300 level; Course in English and open to exchange students)

I also coordinate the obligatory first year Psychology bachelor progamme ('Major Verplicht'), serve as a member of the admissions committee for the Psychology Bachelor programme, and as board member of the Artificial Intelligence Master programme.

Past Courses

Some of my past courses include:

  • Inleiding in de Psychologie (Introduction to Psychology 100 level; in Dutch)
  • Cognitive Neuroscience I (Utrecht University College 100 level)
  • Cognitive Neuroscience II (Utrecht University College 200 level)
  • Psychology Research practicals (200 level)
  • Sensory Systems (Cognition and Behaviour PhD course)
  • ...


I supervise (research) projects mainly related to perception, using psychophysics and/or EEG for instance for the Neuroscience and Cognition and Applied Cognitive Psychology Master programmes. Some programming experience (esp. with Matlab) is advised. Contact me for information.


In addition to the above, I have been involved in an educational innovation project that aims to develop a serious game to support teaching communication skills for the medical professions.